This blog was written during 2004 - 2006 while I was working for a British NGO in rural Zambia, southern Africa. It's an attempt to chart the highs and lows of that time, the moments of comedy gold and of frustrated despair.

In its lifetime the blog attracted comments from some lovely people (thank you!) and quite a lot of non-lovely people (boo hiss!). I have deleted all of them in an effort to keep the archives uncluttered.

At the time of writing I was using the nom de plume 'Claypot', a delightful moniker bestowed upon me by some Namibian friends when I lived and worked there from 1996-1998.  It is easier for people from that part of the world to pronounce than my real name, and I kidded mysef that it afforded me some form of anonymity, in a country where criticising the president could have led to deportation or worse.

The blog was The Guardian's 'Pick of the Day' back when they were running such gems. It was nominated for a Bloggie in 2005, in the 'Best African or Middle East Weblog' category. (No, the geographical coupling makes no sense to me either.) I was intereviewed by the BBC in 2005 and mentioned on Blogs by Women, Blogcritics and Slate .

Reader advisory: This blog is unsuitable for those unversed in the dark arts of sarcasm and irony and as such is not recommended either for those suffering from sense of humour failure.