Thursday, 11 August 2005

Good Pink, Bad Pink

I'm one of those people who loves to check out foreign supermarkets and pharmacies, just to see what kind of whacky stuff they got going on in there. So tell me, is this toothpaste now widely available in the free world? Cos I kinda hoped it was an African thang. It's new to me anyway. And although it says Xtreme Red on the tube, trust me this is hot pink. Makes tooth-cleaning so much more fun. So fresh! So hot! So pink!

This, on the other hand, I'm sure is not widely available. Thankfully. It is vile. The ingredients list is: Maize, sugar, colour, flavour. But as it's liquid, I think there must also be water in there. A favourite drink with the urban population of Zambia, costing only a few pence. The acid coloured cartons can be seen littering the towns - available in yellow, orange, purple...depending on the 'flava'. In Namibia the schoolkids had a similar drink - they never opened the top but preferred to chew off one of the bottom corners and suck it from there. Who knows why.