Sunday, 21 August 2005


No time for blogging. Too busy working. Yes, even on a Sunday. Some people will be happy though. Took an opportunity and hitched a ride Lusaka way, to purchase PE equipment & Class Games for the schoolkids. See, there are some nice people in the world. A thank you to a particular school of kiddies in the UK who sent over their pocket money (or something) to pay for these. Littluns here make hoops out of reeds and footballs out of plastic bags for their PE classes. To be praised, definitely, for their innovation and creativity. But it will be nice for them to have some more durable stuff, which will last longer than one lesson, and be a bit more exciting. I want to see them bash merry hell out of the Swingball. Damn I used to love that as a kid. It was so violent. My brother and I only played so we could try and crack open our neighbours' heads, or at the very least reduce them to gibbering wrecks, curled up on the lawn eating daisies and screaming 'No, no, stop!' as we went WHACK WHACK WHACK.