Thursday, 23 June 2005

Working Wall St

I got an email today. From Wall Street no less. From a woman who purports to work for the Public Relations company which represents a mining company about to start work in Tanzania. She emailed our project as she wondered 'if I could ask you your expertise about Africa' (sic). What a fine plan. I mean, we work in Zambia, but you know, Africa's jus' one big ol' country y'all...ain't it? this country Africa anywheres near the Caribbean?

Apparently this mining company is concerned about its corporate social responsibility. Read, how they can appease 'the locals' while stripping their country of its assets to make Americans rich. I emailed this lady back and told her I would be happy to write something about the devastating effects of mismanaged mining, and how to work with local communities in developing countries, for a reasonable fee. What, lady, you of Wall Street no less, you think I'm giving you my 'expertise about Africa' for free?

What I did give her for free was a long list of typos to be found on this company's website. Not least the fact that Zanzibar is listed as a major town. I'm sure the island will be delighted to hear of its new status. PRAT!