Monday, 20 June 2005

Bush-trekking Again

Some of our donors like to give money to support very specific projects. We currently have a group in the UK fundraising for a well for one of our local villages. I've just been out to the village to chat to the community about where the well is going to be and how they will benefit. This is what they're currently using:


It's basically a filthy stream. At this time of year it's the dry season so the water is underground. It's a dangerous climb down this hole to get the dirty water. The villagers are looking forward to a new protected well - they're all sick with diarrhoea from drinking this water, and are covered in rashes from bathing in it.

The new well is going to be built next to their community school, which is a focal point of the village area. These kids are not actually as miserable as they look - Zambians have a strange habit of shutting down their smiles and posing in a very serious manner for photographs. Although they'd have every reason to be glum - yes, those are logs they sit on for the duration of lessons. Numb butts....