Thursday, 30 June 2005

And So It Goes On...

Quite a depressing article about climate change, and how this too is going to impact severely on Southern Africa.

Also in the news today, the question of 'brain drain', or poaching healthcare workers from developing countries to places like the UK and the US. To be honest, if I was a doctor or nurse from a developing country and someone offered me a well-paid job abroad, I'd be on the next plane out. Yes, it's a problem that there are so few medical staff per head in places like Zambia, but do you really expect people to turn down the opportunity of a better life? Rather than castigate these people for so-called 'turning their backs on their country', better look at why the situation is so bad there first, no?

When I read about Zimbabwe I could cry. One of the most beautiful countries I've travelled around in Africa, amazing, friendly, interesting people. And yet everyone stands by and watches Mugabe trash it big time. They have just tripled the price of what little fuel is currently available in the country. I just don't know how people are managing to live there anymore. Some more details of the atrocities.