Sunday, 22 May 2005

The Meme

I was starting to feel a bit all out of blog posts, but now I've been 'tagged'and challenged to do the meme "A List of Ten Things I've Never Done". I have, however, decided to add my own twist. Here is a list of twenty things, ten I've done and ten I haven't. Go figure...

  1. Gotten a tattoo
  2. Kissed in Paris
  3. Killed something
  4. Pulled the emergency stop on a train
  5. Cooked with celery
  6. Touched a leopard
  7. Made a Call Centre Operative cry
  8. Enjoyed a mushroom
  9. Scuba Diving
  10. Bungee jumped of Vic Falls bridge
  11. Drunk Absinthe
  12. Been to Australia
  13. Completed a cryptic crossword
  14. Quoted from Withnail & I
  15. Something Illegal
  16. Had an operation without anaesthetic
  17. Experienced zero gravity
  18. Eaten worms
  19. Seen a corpse
  20. Been joyriding