Sunday, 15 May 2005

Knobbery of the Highest Order

I know I'm going to sound like a broken record, but honestly, the Observer has totally gone to the dogs. A leading story online today, in their Escape section, on some twat who paid almost four and a half grand to go and visit some tribe in West Papua who had never been in contact with outsiders, and then complained when they threw spears at him.

I mean, where do you even begin with what's wrong with this? The arrogance in thinking that a tribe would want to meet outsiders? The fact that they were trying to placate them with tobacco?

I'm refusing to link to this story because I don't see why I should give it traffic, but this is just one extract: "Yakobus tries to lure the natives back to their bivouac, repeating, 'Tsabat! Tsabat!' (Tobacco! Tobacco!)"

If he wants to give us four and a half grand he can stay in a mud hut and I'll find some locals who'll happily chuck rocks at him so he can write about his 'amazing experience'. What a knob. And what a knobbish newspaper that would print this.

Only slightly more outrageous than their '50 things every foodie should do before they die', which mostly consists of visiting restaurants in the UK and France. Because let's face it, the world stops there, right?

I suggest an alternative list might include: 1. Picking and sorting tea, to fully appreciate exactly what people (yes PEOPLE, human beings) have to do to get you your bloody Earl Grey 2. Living for a week with some villagers who eat one meal of maize porridge a day, to truly appreciate what it's like to be hungry 3. Wait tables/work in a kitchen, so you realise just how hard people work to bring you your michelin-starred food.