Tuesday, 10 May 2005


I do often wish I was a fancy economist-type person, to better understand the tangled mess that is the wealth/poverty divide in this world. But to add to my list of 'degrees I must take some day' must be something in the anthropology/sociology line.

PLEASE can someone explain to me why it is in this part of the world that no-one, but no-one, is capable of thinking or planning any further beyond the next five minutes?

Why the person running a fully-funded training programme which was signed off months ago, would turn around two days before it ends and declare that there is no paper for the certificates. When it is a three-hour round trip into town, provided you can get a working vehicle and there is some fuel to be found, a town which is unlikely to have such paper at short notice anyway, and the guy in charge of printing the certificates is on leave. When the candidates have come from all around and about in the bushy bushland and the likelihood of them all being together in the same room again is slim. What about a little forward planning? No? Just a little bit? A few weeks even. Not asking anything much.

Sound of head banging on very hard hardwood desk made from the finest hard wood hardwood. Ow.