Monday, 16 May 2005

The Angel

Ran away in the night, she did. Upped sticks and left as me ma would say. Took all her belongings and hoofed it into the darkness, baby bouncing on her back.

You think you have writer's block, and then, stuff.

It's amazing how, when you put your foot down about operating a zero tolerance policy towards theft and corruption, you can actually get rid of the rot.

So this lady, let's call her Laura, was asked a couple of days ago for a routine report. The next day she tries to resign. Chief goes 'woah there lady, what's the rush?' and refuses to accept it. Then away off into the ether she went last night.

Who knows what hornet's nest we are about to uncover...It kind of beats the usual painfully worded resignation letter though. Where you just want to tell your boss you think he's a moron, but you know you need a reference. Good old Laura is just like 'Damn you all!! I'm going to run away!'

I think that Chief's daughter and Milly are embroiled in a row. But it's difficult to know, not speaking the language. And the body language is different too. (Zambians also do this thing where if they don't quite understand something they bust out laughing. Which can be quite unnerving if you're telling them someone just died.)

But something is not quite so. Chief's daughter is a bit of a princess. Today she seems to be wastefully draining our drum of water and expecting Milly to refill it. Which is not good, for she is our Lovely Milly and no-one else's. I shall arrange for peas to be put in the princess's mattress.

What's Hot
A locally sourced ambulance means expected UK shipping costs can now be used for other medical needs.

A particular local ministry is refusing all invitations/demands to meet with us about a certain pressing issue. What they don't know is that the cabinet minister is a personal friend and will whup their asses when he finds out he he.

What's Not
Our much anticipated gas-powered fridge is stuck at some customs border, claiming we haven't got the right papers.

The incessant pestering by everyone to know what presents I brought them from the UK. Presents?! We had over 10kg of machinery parts for the NGO in our luggage. Do they KNOW how much chocolate I sacrificed?

Here is a lovely quote, which is attributed to Michelangelo. I don't know if he said it or not, but anyway it's nice:

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.

That is all. Everybody keep carving.