Monday, 21 March 2005

Sorry, We're Closed


Clearly the parasites went into hiding when I had my malaria slide last week, for it is back.

The jackhammer in the back of my head is matched by the bongo drums in my liver. I am scheduled to go to the UK in a few days anyway, so I shall have to present myself at the Centre for Tropical Whatnots for De-parasiting.

So this blog is now temporarily closed while its owner undergoes a major renovation.

I don't know when it will be open for business again, so don't wait up. There may be intermittent blogging from Europe, but I doubt posting from Rural England or Rural Ireland holds as much interest as Rural Zambia.

Somehow I don't think back there I will have somebody offer me a bag of uncut emeralds for pence over the breakfast table. The day is lightened somewhat by the fact that the most stunning giant chocolate brown and turquoise butterfly has taken up residence in the bougainvillea outside our house.