Monday, 7 March 2005

Don't Mess With Malaria

Oh dear. This is rapidly turning into The Little Blog That Wasn't. I have had another bout of malaria these past weeks; not blogged about it because I find other bloggers talking about their illnesses dead boring to be honest.

Anyway, it's still not gone away. I'm now on my fourth different treatment and if this doesn't work it will be the dreaded quinine and possibly hospital, neither of which I fancy very much.

The doctor has ordered bed rest. In the boiling heat with no tv or music this is indeed a punishment.

I am wondering how you can buy malaria treatment for 10p in a government clinic, and the same treatment costs £6 in the pharmacy. Of course the government clinics are usually out of stock.

Oh well, I'm off now with some hideously overpriced Lucozade. I leave you with this snippet from Newsweek magazine. Who knows if it's true, I'm so cynical I don't believe anything, but it does make me chuckle to picture Dubya:

"Let's face it, tolerating an Irish rock star is not a necessity of his office." U2 frontman Bono on an AIDS chat with President George W Bush, during which the president had to bang his fist on a desk to get a word in.