Wednesday, 16 February 2005

A Rambling We Will Go...

Claypot is not really available for thoughtful or amusing posts today. She is, for once, working very hard.

But just for you, some random ramblings...

Theft update: They have caught the guy who was trying to burgle my room. He is in jail. No doubt they will beat the hell out of him and then let him go. The latest thing to be stolen is a flowering plant from our garden. Nothing left but a great big hole.

The Husband has harvested the first of his vegetables, 'ray!! This is good news indeed, as I fear I may have scurvy due to lack of fresh food.

There will be no posting tomorrow either as I am off to Lusaka on a toy-buying mission for the creche, 'ray! There may be a happy story on Friday. Alternatively there may well be a story about vehicle breakdown, non-functioning bank machines and shut shops. You never know.