Wednesday, 19 January 2005

Stop With The Stealing Already

Sheesh, what a night. Yesterday we heard that someone had broken into the school at the weekend and stolen their solar power and computer.

Then three guys had tried to steal the solar panel from the borehole at the clinic. One of the security guards chased them away with a catapult...

Anyway, last night I went into the bedroom to get a book and found some strange man searching the room with a torch, no doubt looking for booty. I shut the door on him and held it while I yelled for The Husband, but I guess the guy's desire to escape was stronger than my desire to capture him - he wrenched the door open, giving me a nice gash on my arm in the process, and ran off. It doesn't appear that he's stolen anything, but you never know with burglaries. In a month's time I'll be like 'Hmm I'm sure I used to have a watch...and didn't we used to own a calculator?'