Saturday, 22 January 2005

Heroes Day

Well now, doesn't it just break your heart when someone up and does something lovely for you? Huge thanks to my Other Brother who has just sent me not one, but four, wonderful books.

The books I got were Hidden Agendas, Globalization And Its Discontents, On The Justice Of Roosting Chickens, and Anarchy!.

They are especially welcome in light of the fact that Cape Town has the most frustrating bookstores in the world - packed to the hilt with amazing stuff, and an average paperback retailing at £14!!! Most of the population must never read at that price. The only thing I (painfully) forked out for was Stitched Up: Who Fashions Women's Lives?.

What intrigues me however is the fact that these and similar books have been on my Amazon wishlist for a long time now, and while I am very thankful to others who have also bought me books, there does seem to have been a trend of 'Oooh, scary political books with funny titles. Let's get her a novel instead'. When in fact it is those very books which are difficult to obtain, never available to grab dashing through an airport or whatever.

It's akin to the fact that if I post something funny about the animals which torment me here in the bush, there will be a barrage of comments, but often (granted, not always) a 'political' post will see tumbleweed blowing about the comments box. What is everybody so afraid of?

Although, having just read this article in the Guardian (where else?) I am glad that Genoa was one particular demonstration that my brother didn't make it to.

Anyway I am making today my own Heroes Day, dedicated to those people everywhere who are not afraid to speak out, to question, and most of all, to act, in pursuit of making this world we inhabit a better place to be.