Tuesday, 21 December 2004

The Toe

I am afeard for The Toe. How can a digit be both numb and howlingly painful at the same time? Perhaps it is the physical toe which has departed, while the soulful toe lingers in agony. Either way, the bandage has got to be changed. And soon. Been avoiding it all day. Well actually Doctor Husband has been avoiding it. It has taken on the lovely coppery-red hue of the forest clay. Which is nice as a shade of hair, but not a great look on a bandage. I probably should check it out. It might be gone gangrenous. Slight concern about (a) ability to go clubbing in Cape Town due to malingering toe and (b) ability to drink many many cocktails due to malarial-damaged liver. Hmm.

Unseen rock attack
Big toe now howling redly
Dancing unlikely

Mosquito bite me
Now liver ravaged badly
Cocktails sit lonely