Wednesday, 1 December 2004

Something Wicked This Way Grows

I like my fingernails short. Real short. I am a slapdash stompy kind of person and long nails just don't work for me. However I am really struggling to keep up with the nail growth here - I seem to be chopping them off every second day. Must be something to do with all that fresh air and lack of pollution, the general lack of all things nice, I mean, toxic, in the digestive system etc. Anyway, it must be a while since I attended to them. I have just noticed to my horror that my nails are getting long and starting to curl outwards in the manner of some old Manchurian guy with a beard as seen on the interweb. I could be famous. In the Guinness Book of Records even. But I think I'll just get the scissors...

Ok, posting overload for today. It will have to keep you going for now as I'm off to dump The Husband at the airport in Lusaka this afternoon and will not return until Friday. Or until I have procured enough wine and crisps to last me a while. The gas for the cooker has now run out and until it is replaced I am expected to cook in one pot over some coals. I can't even light a fire, where will I find hot coals? *runs away looking for Milly*