Wednesday, 15 December 2004

Presents For Everyone

Blogging today will be limited to an avant-garde cartoon strip, the humour of which is only evident to the enlightened.

For anyone would think it was Christmas, such is the mountain of gifts I am surrounded by. Yes, The Husband is back. With booty. I love that man. Over 4kilos of the finest chocolate, lovely smelly things from Lush, Booooooks, so many boooks, CDs, parmesan, risotto rice, caper berries...and the list goes on.

But also, presents for everyone else. What a nice way to finish up the year. Over £500 for the kids in the creche - that's a lot of toys and educational materials and will be a fun spending spree, many thousands of pounds for an ambulance, more fundraisers going on right now, and a mountain of mobile phones. As I think I've probably mentioned before, there is no phone line here. But if you go deep in the forest and stand on a certain termite mound, you can get mobile reception (Seriously. Supervised by a guy known as Anthill Man). Of course mobile phones are expensive here, and although they are as prolific as buttons in town, tis not the case out here in the bush. So a big thank you to all those in the UK who sent us their old mobis, it will make things easier to run out here.

Well, I'm off for a chocolate-covered breakfast!