Sunday, 5 December 2004

How Hard Can It Be?

Seeing as I'm heading to civilisation in a few short weeks now - Cape Town, yaaay! - I thought I would do a little pre-shopping on the ol' interwebbery. *Not Impressed* I've been looking at some interesting stuff in the South African fashion magazines, so I thought I would check their websites to see where their stores are located. Except none of the blighters list them! It's all swank, la di da, look at our lovely merchandise, but if you don't already know where we are, we're not going to tell you. So there. Hah! One site didn't even have email. It was 'Fax us for details.' Yeah right. So I gave up on fashion and looked for practical stuff. Like this torch that a lot of outdoor people rave about. They had an online order form but no price list.... And finally I decided I wanted one of these:

I wish...

But as usual I have champagne tastes and lemonade pockets. It costs R3895. That's a lot of earth money.