Sunday, 5 December 2004

The Critter Parade

Here is a short list of critters that are ok. Just because I only ever bitch about the ones that are not. Like Ratty. Grrr.

1.Squirrels. Yes, I know they are rodents. But they stay outside. In the trees. Where they belong. They do not attempt to gain entry to my house. And besides, they spend most of their time kissing, what's not to love?

2.Fireflies. How can you not adore something that's got a giant green lightbulb up its ass? Sometimes these get into my room and I lie in the dark and watch the twinkling lights. It's cool.

3.Birds. They are the most amazing colours. We seem to have had an even bigger influx since the rains started. Yellow, orange, turquoise, red, green. Awesome. Why are European birds so brown?

4.Moths. As long as they don't flap in my face, these are great. Actually, dead ones are better, cos you can photograph them too. Even more beautiful than the butterflies, there are some real technicolour wondermoths here.