Sunday, 5 December 2004


One of the security guards came over this morning. He insisted on setting me up with some hot coals for this brazier thing, bless. I guess word got out about the crisp-eating frenzy. I wish he hadn't bothered though, because clearly these things are only suitable for making a pot of stew, and only then if you put it on in the morning and are prepared to wait all day for it to cook. They just don't seem to get hot enough. Not even when I thought I'd speed things up a bit with my circus act and throw some paraffin on there. It took three hours just to fry up what potatoes Ratty hadn't gotten to. Now where did I put those Doritos...

Thievery update: Someone has nicked The Dog's water bowl. What is up with that?

It's very cloudy today. This is bad, no solar power. I am in the office trying to charge up the laptop. I was watching the BEST episode of Six Feet Under last night when the battery died. Who writes that show? They have the sickest deaths. Well the funniest too, but I have a warped sense of humour. Last night some lady died cos she stuck her head out the sunroof of a car and got smacked in the face by a traffic light. Her whole head was like a pancake. Nyuk nyuk.