Wednesday, 1 December 2004

The Animals Are Taking Over

A rat has moved in. My home is a veritable zoo. Why do all the rabies-carriers live in my house?

Good things about Ratty:
(1) He has scared all the regular mice away.
(2) Er...that's it.

Bad things about Ratty:
(1) He has frightened the squirelly-mice-things. Not so much that they've moved out, just enough to make them shit even more. Anyone need some manure?
(2) Well, it's a RAT.

We didn't get back from town yesterday until after dark. The last part of the journey was positively Hitchcockian (ooh, what a great word!). After some late afternoon rain the flying worm-things were out in full force, we drove through clouds and clouds and clouds of them. We were desperately hoping to see the Pterodactyl again but it didn't make an appearance. We did however see a large owl and some large bats, thus making us even surer that we are in fact The Chosen Ones - Dinosaur Witnesses.