Thursday, 4 November 2004

Watch Out For Falling Showers

Ok enough with the elections. Time for some light relief.

We have been sent an email by our internet service providers advising us not to use the internet in the rain -canned laughter

The NASA type satellite that beams us the interwebworld is outside, and has been for some years now -more uncertain giggles

The full-on rainy season is almost upon us and will stay for some months -sharp intake of breath at thought of no connection at all with the outside world, and palpitations at the idea of not being able to read the Guardian online

We have no idea what these muppets are on about. Unless...The Husband wonders if perhaps they are confusing rain and lightning. It's easily done, I know. One is a great big flash in the sky, the other is very wet clothes. Very similar. So The Husband emails these people to double check. Here is the reply:

"Thank you for the mail.
Please be careful when to use it, you will be able to tell what kind of rain
could suddenly come with lightning and harm your equipment.
Enjoy the service."

Indeed we will enjoy, indeed we will. A small boy is climbing the satellite mast with an umbrella as we speak and will be posted there until some time next year. Food parcels may be raised and lowered with some string. But not if it's raining, because the string might get wet.