Friday, 26 November 2004


The Husband is going back to the UK on business next week. Top of my Santa Wishlist: Rum-soaked dates covered in dark chocolate from Fortnum & Mason. Lest you all think I am a decadent hoor who has these on a regular basis I can assure you I have only tasted them once. A couple of years ago. And I'm still thinking about them. They're made even more attractive by their illicitness. They're not on display you see. You have to ask for them. And even then three or four staff will give you the runaround before finally someone caves in, gets the key, and produces them from a secret compartment under the counter. Just so you know.

Currently Reading: Depressing WDM report on Zambia being condemned to debt.
Currently Listening to: Amy Winehouse 'Fuck Me Pumps'. On loop. Genius. You know who you are.
Currently Thinking: When sporting headphones and plugged into music on laptop in the office do not, repeat, do not, sing along. Or worse, hum.
Currently Playing: Drums on the desktop with pencils.
Currently Drinking: Rooibos. With flies. Wishing it was a Moscow Mule.