Thursday, 18 November 2004

Jackanory Story Pt2

Gosh it feels like I’ve been away for a month. That’s the power of a good holiday I guess. It was so good to be back in some version of normality for a while. It’s really been a flattener to come back here actually. Fear of snakes, having to wade through puddles in the dark to get to the longdrop at the end of the garden because all the batteries are dead in the torches; despairing of ever getting my clothes clean again because I’ve got to wash them in dirty dam water; eating lentils and soy mince. Ugh. While away I realised that it had been four and a half months since I:
-made a phonecall
-even saw a salad leaf never mind eat one
-had a haircut
-been in clean water

But enough of that, for I have been in the best bar in the world watching 22 elephants play at the waterhole, battling baboons and attending a fairytale wedding. Big hugs and kisses to N&J for accommodating us at Lokuthula Lodges. A whole bunch of us stayed in two of these lodges. They’re pretty normal buildings, on a split level, except at the back instead of a wall there is a canvas awning which rolls up like a tent, exposing the living room to the wild. It’s really beautiful but it keeps you on your toes. We spent a lot of the time chasing away the warthogs who were bent on munching their way into the kitchen. Initially we were wary of them and their big pointy tusks, but we soon decided they were pretty harmless. But complacency can sometimes lead to injury (or almost in my case)! I came downstairs one morning to find that someone had neglected to lower the canvas again and two big baboons were approaching me at a rate of knots. Now most animals will happily bugger off if you shout and wave your arms. So I did. But the baboons kept coming. And they were big and mean fuckers. The ringleader came right up to me, bared his yellow teeth at me (guess he has a British dentist ha ha) and growled. I think I was too puzzled to be scared. What do you mean grrr? I’ve waved my arms and shouted, you should be running away now. They carried on into the kitchen where the first one grabbed a loaf of bread and proceeded to eat it through the plastic. The second one grabbed a handful of packet sugar and proceeded to eat that, paper and all. But get this – paper and plastic is ok, but then they ran into the other lodge, stole a bunch of bananas and peeled them! Fussy moos. Anyway, a gin and tonic calmed my nerves, but we had to be more vigilant about shutting the canvas after that.

We spent most of the week at the most beautiful bar in the world at Safari Lodge. You can drink cocktails on a deck overlooking the plains and a waterhole. Spying on crocodile, antelope, hogs, elephant and buffalo. Bliss. Also blissful was the swimming pool. Man it was great to be in clean water. Ok enough already – more wildlife and twinkly lights tomorrow kids.