Monday, 1 November 2004

I Am Bored Dot Com

I am really really really really bored today. I have an entire website to write by Friday, and the novel word count needs to be nudged up to at least 20,000 by then also. Oh God and a donations appeal whatsit as well. I can’t be arsed with any of it. Perhaps I should lower the bar. Oh, a bar, yes please, make mine a Moscow Mule. I am so bored I have been randomly surfing the web, discovered someone’s wedding photos and actually looked at them. They did make me chuckle though. They had the bridesmaids in too-small shit-brown silk numbers, stretched across their broad thighs. Eeeevil I tell you. Now I need to find a little clocky thing somewhere. I thought I had the UK finally sussed but then they messed with the clocks again. Less said about the rest of Europe the better; it may even be a different day up in the Scandinavian Tundra. Here in Zambia the time never changes. Daylight at six am, dark at six pm, all year round. The time zones are wrecking my head, in particular with postings and commenting on blogs, but also I need to know about the election. Who is awake? Who is asleep? Who’s winning?