Monday, 22 November 2004

Fiddling While Snakes Graze

Doncha hate it when your worst fears come true? I just came out of the longdrop to find a snake right across my path, with its head raised. Panic. What to do? Staying in the long drop not a great option due to trapped nature of that position. Do snakes wriggle away when you shout (Cautious about the shouting thing since it failed with the baboons)? The Husband is selectively deaf so probably wouldn't respond it I yelled for him. If I jumped over it would it up and bite me? I decided to do exactly what I did when faced with a crocodile and run like buggery and I think I broke the record for the 100 metre sprint on my race back to the house. Except of course with the crocodile it was paddling like buggery. Whoever said crocs don't like canoes lied. It wasn't a very big or fat snake, but you know what they say about size not mattering. I have a mortal fear of snakes, crocodiles and sharks. I think I would rather face down a lion or an elephant. A friend that we're meeting in Cape Town wants to go diving with sharks. On with ye boy. I shall be drinking cocktails in a swish bar at that time. Imagine willingly subjecting yourself to swimming with those things? Ugh.

Fiddle fiddle fiddle. I am a fiddler. Not in the musical instrument sense mind, although my Granny is. Although I think she's more of a violinist. Granny is 103 and I wish she had internet because I think she would be most amused by these goings-on. Although she is a fervent believer in God, so we would differ on that point. But to be honest she is the sort of Granny that would tell everyone I am out here 'on the missions' anyway. But I digress. I have the urge to fiddle.  I don't like this template. However being stuck in the bush as I am, I'm not really in a position to go hiring web designers and flashy host people. So I shall just have to fiddle with this one. I'm scared it'll all go wrong though and look a complete mess. Just to warn ya.