Monday, 29 November 2004

Fair Trade Chocolate

Hey Everyone. Thanks for all your good wishes. I'm not exactly fully recovered, but lying on a foam mattress for days on end really does your lower back in. So I thought I'd come into the office and sit in a hard chair hunched over a computer to do my upper back in as well. I took lots of funny yellow drugs and the flashy lights went away. Those squeaky squirelly-mouse things don't half ring around your head though when you've got the malarial fever.

To those of you kind enough to offer chocolate parcels - that would be great, but I would feel a little mercenary. Well I'd feel a big one but we only got child soldiers here boom boom. (joke) So, how about a trade off? It's almost Chanterelle and Mango season here, both food items which can be dried really well. Both Chanterelles and Mangos are hideously expensive in the UK, I'm guessing they might also be in the rest of Europe/North America/Oz. Anyway, will swap dried Shrooms and Froot for Chocolate and Paperbacks. Anyone interested drop me an email.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to retire to the sick bed once more with a stack of Six Feet Under dvds (thanks lovely bro!). Or at least I will do once I've built some sort of pedestal to put the laptop on so as not to set the bedclothes on fire again...