Tuesday, 2 November 2004

Busy Yourselves Elsewhere

I think the Squirelly-Mice have got visitors. There was the distinct sound of castanets and harmonised singing last night. It may actually be Alvin and The Chipmunks. After the great pterodactyl sighting I am willing to believe anything. There is now also a bird in the garden that makes the sound of a ringing telephone. It's very disconcerting when you think - 'Oh let me just get that' and then remember there is no phone line. I thought I had left the world of lists behind me in Blighty, but no. Here is a list of things to do today:
- Help the editor of the local newsletter to produce this month's issue. Problems will include getting the template off my laptop and on to his computer in the face of me not having a floppy disc whatsit and him not having a cd whatsit. And kicking the butt of the 'translator' who is no doubt drinking under a tree somewhere.
-Persuading The Husband that our next fundraising appeal is better done on a small card and not an A4 longwinded thing which no-one will read.
-Yeah, still have to do the entire website thing.
-Somehow book accommodation in Lusaka for this weekend in the face of most places not having email and me not having a phone.
-Chase some people in the UK by email who are supposed to be helping me with this website and do not understand the concept of not having a phone.
-Have breakfast.

Sheesh, it's too much. Be off, busy yourselves elsewhere, I can't be blogging today. Try this, there's bound to be something to amuse you.