Sunday, 10 October 2004

Who'd Have Thought It Would Come To This?

I am in the office on a Sunday. This is not a good thing. The reason I am here is even worse.

It rained somewhat last night, early in the season and unexpected. A relief though. Living in 40degreesC and 65% humidity with not enough power to run a fan can be a little wearing; at least now that it’s rained there is a breath of fresh air. It also means that because it’s cooler my laptop is less likely to blow up. My laptop has a dvd player, unused to date because of the heat/power problem. Someone lent us some dvds. They’re pretty awful. I have spent the first of my waking hours today watching *cringes* Beaches. However the fact that it has been over three months since I have seen any kind of moving pictures means that I am compelled to watch it. I got precisely one hour and 12 minutes worth of Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey in hideous 80s fashion before the battery died. So now of course I have had to come in to the office (source of power) to finish watching it. And it’s only 10.30. How can the rest of my day compare to this wondrous delight?

Another good thing about the rain: someone has stolen our water! On the one hand you think, well if someone has to steal water they must really need it. But on the other hand you think tossers I needed that water too. I slavishly filled up an oil drum yesterday, yet this morning there is less than an inch of water in there. Just as well we have neat rum to drink eh?