Monday, 18 October 2004


No Rain. It’s Raining Men. Why Does It Always Rain On Me? Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head. Singing In The Rain. Bored now…Yeah, so there’s been some more rain. The rain has brought many exciting things. Not least my new umbrella – “The Poppins”. Yes, it is actually called that. It’s big and black with a curly handle and an alarmingly efficient automatic pop-up mechanism. I feel like something out of Get Smart. The rain has also brought frogs into the menagerie, frogs which make a funny noise and sound like someone retching down a long pipe. It has also brought flying worm things. These get into the house via any teeny hole they can find and swarm around the light source. After a few minutes their wings fall off and then they wiggle around the house. They are gross. What was really gross was that these things somehow found their way through the mosquito net. We sat in bed the other night thinking, hmm, something’s different about this blanket. Oh look, it’s moving! It’s covered in worms! Niiiiiice. The rain also brings mosquitoes. And malaria. I hope I don’t get malaria and have to be taken to hospital, because the rain also washes away the roads.