Thursday, 28 October 2004

The Madness of People

I know I probably say this a lot, but really, really, what is going on in people’s heads? Have they completely lost their minds altogether? This article from the Guardian is about the new low-carb food industry. I’m sorry, but wtf? Have people just forgotten what food is? Vegetables. Fruit. Meat. Pulses. Grains. IT DOESN’T COME IN A BOX. Why do people think they need this stuff? I cannot believe that this nonsense goes on when there are people in the world dying of starvation. The Guardian estimates this new industry is worth £280 million pounds. Well that £280 million quid could be much better spend on saving human beings from dying because they have NO FOOD AT ALL. And why, why would you want to eat fake horrible low-carb ice-cream, chocolate etc? Why not eat the real thing? Oh, because you are a fat bastard with no self-control who likes to eat all the pies and you figure if you eat the low-carb stuff you can have 100 pies instead of your usual 80. I mean £1.49 for a packet of Rolos!  This kind of thing makes me so angry, and so reluctant to ever return to the ‘real’ world for fear I shall just turn into one of those ladies with a shopping trolley and long grey hair who drags placards around town all day. Grrr.