Wednesday, 6 October 2004

Funny Face

It is indeed a funny day for fashion. The little shop here has obviously gotten in supplies. Today, as well as glycerin and sugar, it has on display items of clothing and some sparkly yellow nail polish. This is an exciting retail moment. I select a pretty chitenge but avoid the polish. The girl in the shop collapses with laughter when I tell her the chitenge is for me. There’s a lot of that about. Then I return to the office where the agricultural officer – who is normally dressed in wellies – is sporting a purple velvet evening dress complete with thigh-high split. It's only 7.30 in the morning. I smell a rat. Oh no, it’s just The dog farting.

I may not be here tomorrow for posting. There is a rumour that I am being sent on another wild goose chase, as I did not suffer enough last week trying to collect the shipment. I have to go to Immigration in Lusaka to see if my work permit has been found. Apparently we leave at 5 in the morning. Great. Not.