Thursday, 14 October 2004

Do Mice Eat Trampolines?

See, when Oscar jumps out of the trashcan and shouts a lot, things happen. Sometimes near-miraculous things happen. Just as the light was fading yesterday, at about 6pm, a pick-up truck came tearing across our lawn. I recognised a giant discus on the back as my rebounder. It was our STUFF! Seems like The Husband’s snotty emails finally got somewhere. From mucking us about and yadda yadda about paperwork, suddenly the agents were able to clear it all themselves. And deliver it. Free of charge. Two guys got out and told us they had been driving around in the bush looking for us for hours. No shit Sherlock. Random stuff is missing. Every single box has been opened. Except the rebounder. They were probably scared of that. Don’t ask me why I have shipped a mini trampoline. It’s fun. And I need some exercise or else I will end up like Fat Patsy. God I could murder a pie now. Anway, some random things are missing. Like loads of bubble wrap. What the??? I had packed everything really carefully with bubbles to pad out the boxes. I couldn’t figure out why the boxes were all wrecked and squishy, until I took the bubble wrap off the pristine rebounder and suddenly thought, hmmm, I’m sure this stuff was everywhere when the boxes left the UK. An entire box of camping equipment is missing. Also, my dictionary. It’s like they knew or something. Hey, this chick likes words, let’s take away her magic spelling book. I opened a box of books and there, next to the thesaurus, was a dictionary shaped hole. A camcorder has also been stolen. Maybe we should have taken it as handluggage, but, you know, where do you draw the line? It’s really annoying because a little old man in the UK donated it to the project because he said he was too old to use it anymore. We were all set to make some publicity videos with it. Not now. ‘They’ also opened every single bag of clothes and then crumpled them back in a box. Our lounge looks like a bomb has gone off in Oxfam. There’s a lot of stuff though, two local community schools are going to be very happy with their new uniforms. An Evil Cradling has been stuck back on the bookshelf, and I am happily reading Adrian Mole: The Cappuccino Years. It doesn’t seem as funny as the others though…