Wednesday, 13 October 2004

Disco Dolly Beetle

Disco Dolly Beetle

I know I am normally waging war against the critters, so I thought for a change I would say something nice. Check this beetle out! Pretty awesome colouring. The beetle is only about the size of my thumbnail. The best bit though - which is not in the photo - is that underneath it looks like popcorn. This thing has a fat yellow shiny ass like a corn kernel, with a bunch of white fluff exploding out of it.

Yesterday was certainly a day for critters. Remember the millipede? Oh he fell off the rafters alright. He didn't fall down the back of my shirt, but I did stand on him in my bare feet. About an hour later I stood on a giant crickety thing. Made that horrible crunching sound. We tend not to wear shoes as it ruins the red polish (above) that Milly spends hours putting on the floors. Yesterday a hessian sack was draped on the verandah in the manner of a doormat. I think she's trying to tell us something. Like maybe even our feet are dirty as well as the shoes.

Also yesterday I witnessed two mice actually having a 'domestic'. Normally they just run about screeching and tormenting me in a random fashion. A mouse was up on the rafters trying to get out through a hole in the roof. Another mouse was outside actually on the roof, and it must have been his personal exit or something. Everytime insidemouse tried to get out, outsidemouse poked his head in the hole and started screeching at him. Insidemouse must have made 5 attempts to get out that way, before spinning around in a complete strop and racing over a beam and jumping out the window. 'Tis better than Eastenders and that's no lie!