Wednesday, 6 October 2004

Cultural Differences

So my friend sent me this hilarious list of Micheál O Muireartaigh quotes. I am therefore going to conduct a cross-cultural survey. Does anyone out there who is not Irish (a) understand these and (b) find them funny? To be fair, I will give you some pointers. The guy’s name is pronounced Mee-Hawl Oh Mwirra Hur Tig. He was a sports commentator, but I think he’s retired now. Or maybe dead. He commentated on hurling and Gaelic football. He’s famous in Ireland. He has very rapid delivery.

"Anthony Lynch the Cork corner back will be the last person to let you down - his people are undertakers."

"Colin Corkery on the 45 lets go with the right boot. It's over the bar, this man shouldn't be playing football. He's made an almost Lazarus-like recovery from a heart condition. Lazarus was a great man but he couldn't kick points like Colin Corkery.”

"Pat Fox is on his hurl and is motoring well now... but here comes Joe Rabbitte hot on his tail... I've seen it all now, a Rabitte chasing a Fox around Croke Park

"Teddy looks at the ball, the ball looks at Teddy."

"Danny 'The Yank' Culloty. He came down from the mountains and hasn't he done well."

"He grabs the sliotar, he's on the 40.... He's on the 30.............He's on the ground."

"In the first half they played with the wind. In the second half they played with the ball."

" He kicks the ball lán san aer, could've been a goal, could've been a point..... it went wide."

"Sean Óg O Hailpin.... His father is from Fermanagh, his mother’s from Fiji, neither a hurling stronghold."

"Teddy McCarthy to John McCarthy, no relation, John McCarthy back to Teddy McCarthy, still no relation.”