Friday, 8 October 2004

Can't Turn Your Back For A Second

Gastroenteritis: Bad. Sicky Icky Puky.
Gastroenteritis: Good. Avoidance of 5am monkey trip to Lusaka.

So I didn’t get to go. They’ve probably auctioned my work permit off to the highest bidder by now. The only downside was that I didn’t get to set off with the terribly cute lunchbox which The Husband had prepared for me, complete with saltandpepper newspaper twist. Aww!

I make a very bad patient. Being ill is so boring. I was feeling better by the afternoon so I decided to tackle the lunchbox. It was unbearably hot and I didn’t have the energy to get up, so I ate lying down. This is very very silly. First off it leads to indigestion, and secondly ruination of clothes by melting chocolate. The only clean items in my wardrobe yesterday were a pair of white trousers and a white flowy top thing. By the time I was finished I looked like Jesus, only with daisy flip-flops and an intricate pattern of food stains all down my front.

There is a new beast in the kitchen, but at least it is soundless. Is that a word, soundless? Do I mean silent? No, silent would indicate it was capable of making noise but chose not to. Or something. Hmmm. Anyway, The Husband is trying to make a sourdough starter for his bread. This involves putting a mix of things in a stone jar and standing back while it grows to ten times its size and spills over the edge. It is a creeping beast. Last seen heading down the worksurfaces and out the door. It smells of puke too. Like paw-paws. I don’t like paw-paws. People keep giving them to us. Initially I was glad to have them because, you know, it’s a fruit, and probably better for me than eating dried goods all the time. But even when you make jam with it, it still smells like sick. I tried to give some to Milly the other day, but even she wasn’t having any of it. Her broken English wasn’t that broken when I tried to give them to her and she said VERY FIRMLY ‘No, they are for you.’ Hurry up mangoes and grow. Mangoes is nice.

Anyway, I am away from the office for a day and so today I have to catch up on all my blog reads. Well, can't turn your back for a second, everyone's been busily posting away funny and interesting things. I am overwhelmed and cannot compete. Perhaps I am still ill and must go lie in a darkened room with a good book and a bar of chocolate...

Here comes the politics bit
You know I was just thinking the other day about how hard life is here for people – no water, no electricity, no transport, no money, little healthcare, etc etc – and that probably the only place worse to live would be somewhere like the slums of urban Brazil. Timely, here is an article on the BBC’s website.