Monday, 18 October 2004

The Bush Says No To Bush

Those of you who pay attention will remember my link to this gem in the Guardian, whereby UK citizens were asked to write to US voters re the Presidential election. You really ought to read some of the replies. Un-fucking-believable. There is no hope for that country. I have just finished reading an article (on actual paper, so no link sorry!) about the effects George Bush has had on family planning in the developing world. One of the first things he did on coming to power was reinstate the rule that no NGO could receive funding from USAID if they so much as mentioned the word abortion. Didn’t matter if they provided a service, information, whatever, or not. Couldn’t mention the word. Not even acknowledge its existence. As a result a huge swathe of reproductive health clinics have had to close down. Women have been left without contraception. So they can just keep on breeding and having more children. To the detriment of their health. Children they can’t feed. AIDS babies, given how prevalent the disease is. THANKS George Bush, women of the world salute you. I so hope I am around when China and India take over the world and the US lies cowering in a corner.