Monday, 25 October 2004

360 Degrees of Sky

Can there be anything nicer than dancing outside in the forest on a balmy night under 360 degrees of sky with a big moon and stars till eternity? The braai was a roaring success. The project has been badly lacking a social club, and it looks as though this new venture is going to take off. The only issue I had was with the drink, or rather the limited choice available. For reasons I won’t go into I can’t drink beer. I like beer but it doesn’t like me. And after two soft drinks I can literally feel my teeth rot. Plus they don’t get me drunk. The bar committee had gotten in specially for me a crate of Whiskey Black. WB is basically a bottle of alcohol with a bit of tooth-rot flavouring thrown in. The stuff is evil. So evil even Google can’t find it. It is 8.5%. I haven’t drunk anything that strong or that vile since uni when a bunch of us drove up to Northen Ireland to avail of cheap cases of Diamond White cider. Needless to say that was a one-off event. After two bottles of the liquid lava I felt ‘like a pig shat in my head’. Perhaps I shall have to purchase my own liquor to place behind the bar. Anyway, a great night was had by all. AND they played Dancing Queen. Result!