Friday, 10 September 2004


Mmmm. Yes. Once I’ve had that last piece of steak I am going the way of the lentilburger. For two reasons – chicken and something unrecognisable to humankind.

Despite being in the fridge and not past the use by date, the chicken we bought in town has gone off. Have you every smelt really really gone off meat? GAG.

Also, The Husband did his usual trick of putting something on to cook and then running away, in the hope of starting a large fire (he is a pyromaniac), so I was left to remove The Dog’s offal from the brazier outside. I don’t know what was in that pot, but it looked like no part of any animal I’ve ever seen. I think it came direct from Roswell. MORE GAG.

Still Hot. Even the fridge is sweating, and making my courgettes all furry.