Monday, 27 September 2004

Night Of The Long Gins, Part 1

Yesterday was Hornet Invasion Day. I guess they have it every year, but I forgot to mark it on my calendar. I am sitting down at home reading a book, with a hornet hovering about a centimetre from my left eye. I wave him away about five times, but he persists in returning. The waving effort is making me hot and cross. Finally I snap and reach for the luminous red flyswat. I lunge for the hornet but miss. Suddenly he is joined by all of his extended family and there are about 20 of them buzzing around me. I swat and chase, duck and weave, but fail to make contact. I am now even hotter and crosser. I catch sight of my reflection in the window. I look like a complete mentalist. I quietly put down the flyswat and slink away to the bedroom and the relative safety of the mosquito net.