Monday, 6 September 2004

Here Is The News

Some snippets from the Zambian newspapers at the weekend: The government has declared HIV/AIDS an emergency to allow ARVs to be manufactured in Zambia. (Currently only 7% of people infected are being treated.)

Local Authorities are issuing housing bonds through the Lusaka Stock Exchange because they are unable to provide basic housing due to lack of funds.

The recommended changes to the Zambian Constitution will be ready in April 2005. Submissions have been accepted from the populace. The chairman of the Constitution Review Committee was quoted thus in the Saturday Post: “The numbers of people who submitted reflected the temperature of the nation. The blind came to submit and even mad people have come to submit”. (How did they know they were mad? What were the mad people’s submissions??)

Most Lusaka lodges are being used as brothels.

The State is worried about the rate of deforestation in the country.

Ticks can be quite deadly to goats.

Elephants are classed as key-stone species, one of the three natural architects of the bush. The other two are fire and water. (Go the elephants!)

Zambia has the second-largest number of orphans in the world.

Chief Matipa of Chilubi has been ordered to stop thrashing his subjects with a cane.

The secretary of the Christian Council of Zambia is quoted in the Zambia Daily Mail as saying that “education should be based on Christian principles so as to build a God-fearing nation”.

The World Bank country manager is quoted as saying that as a bank they “pride themselves as fighters of poverty in the developing countries”. (I wonder how many people would agree with that???)

Prof. Emma is back with good medicines. Will cure many things including ‘things moving in body’, ‘power failure’, ‘sugar problems’ and ‘paining tongue’.