Sunday, 19 September 2004

Five A-Yem In Zam-Bee-Yah

Flap-flap flap-flap flap-flap,
flaps the bat circling the bedroom.
Sqreek sqreek sqreek!
sqreeks the beam-dancing mouse.
Aaah-ooh Aaah-ooh Aaah-ooh
wail the Hallelujah Singers, while
BOOM-de-de BOOM-de-de BOOM-de-de
boom the drums outside the house.

Rawk-rawk rawk-rawk rawk-rawk
is the chickens’ contribution.
Yip yip rustle,
from the wild dogs in the leaves.
The mad gunning of engine,
from a late-returning truck, and
POPPITY poppity poppity POP!
There’s a woodpecker in the eaves.

Immersed in all this noise,
there's nothing to be done.
But tomorrow’s bedtime tot
will be a quadruple shot of rum.