Wednesday, 29 September 2004

Daily Dose Of Rantage

I’m sure most of you will have seen this little news item about Jack Straw and Robert Mugabe. Now, there are several flabbergasting things going on here. First off, what kind of a numpty is Jack Straw, for giving the excuse that he did? Is he implying (as most people will interpret it) that he couldn’t see Robert Mugabe because he is black? And also, are we really to believe that the UN can’t afford electricity and there were no lights? That aside, didn’t we have all this furore a couple of years back when Mary Robinson shook hands with Gerry Adams? Now, I would NEVER defend Robert Mugabe, what that man has done to the country and citizens of Zimbabwe is despicable. But, isn’t a handshake a universal greeting? A sort of multi-lingual hello if you like. And isn’t it better to sit down and talk to the enemy, in an effort to make the world a better place? Oh no wait, hang on, we don’t do talking do we? No…just send the US Army in, no need for discussions. Oh no, just a second, wrong approach. No oil in Zimbabwe, is there. Guess the citizens there will just have to rot in hell while the Western politicians sit and bite their thumbs at Mugabe. I’m not surprised Mugabe pissed himself laughing on finding out it was Jack Straw who had approached him. He really is having the last laugh.

Now read this about a national volunteering scheme. I’ve always thought this should be implemented. I’d make it compulsory though, and send people to the darkest, most poverty-ridden corners of the earth. Might shake a few people up. We need change.

I am so glad I am in the bush and far away from this nonsense.