Wednesday, 18 August 2004

Zimbabwe Oddness

The Great Granola Swindle
I forgot to mention how very excited I got on our Adventure Trip of a Lifetime to Vic Falls, when I discovered boxes of wheat-free granola in the local supermarket. I carefully lugged them all the way back here, (ok, I hid them in The Husband’s bag) only to discover that it doesn’t really do what it says on the box. I did wonder about granola made solely from maize, but hey I was a willing believer. Imagine a Crunchy Nut Cornflake. Sweet huh? Now multiply the sweetness factor by a hundred. Yup, wheat-free granola. The only way in which this stuff resembled granola was the fact that there was so much sugar the cornflakes were stuck together in hard lumps. List of ingredients: Brown sugar, Honey, Molasses, Maize.

And Another Thing…
I also forgot to mention the glorious article on page two of the Bulawayo Chronicle we picked up in Vic Falls – Goat Born With Human Features. Except I think it said Kid Born With Human Features, so initially I wasn’t sure why it was a story. The local vet explained in some windy scientific way how it was very common, distorted head, would recover, blah blah. Meanwhile the local police have launched an investigation into the perpetrator of this obvious bestiality. Oh, you don’t find it in The Guardian!!