Friday, 20 August 2004

Why Is It That...

…no matter how smart and lovely your clothes are, once they’ve been washed and hung on a line they just look like sad raggy scraps? Hey, it’s great having a washing line though. No more flat-bound clothes-horse business. In fact we have inherited about ten washing lines. They are lengths of wire bound to the trees at various heights and points around the garden. One has to be careful to avoid decapitation. Unfortunately I forgot to take the clothes in when dry and now Milly has IRONED MY SOCKS!! Check out the iron. You have to put hot coals in it to make it go. Someone got it for us in town. I’m not sure if they chose the one with the cockerel on it deliberately. I wish my 103-year-old grandma had the internet, I’m sure she used to use an iron like this one.

Grandma's Iron