Friday, 27 August 2004

Slow News Day...

Witness to a Very Peculiar Suicide
The long drop really does seem to be where a lot of the action is. So I go in, raise the lid, and then spot a lizard. He’s in the corner and I want to know where he’s going. We stare each other out for a while. Then he sets off running at a cracking pace and makes a spectacular leap right into the long drop, putting Olympic long-jumpers everywhere to shame. Except it is a long, long, long drop. Oops! Don’t think he’ll be coming out of there again.

Name That Ant
I thought I’d just stood on a rattlesnake. Except I don’t think they have those here. In trying to ascertain where the noise was coming from I guess I must have stood on an ant colony. Man were they pissed off. They looked like they were all fitting and spitting, and RATTLING. There must have been a hundred of them shaking like mad on the ground and rattling like a big old rattlesnake.

Well, The Bananas Are Ripe...
…but I may have killed the tree.  I normally get my bananas from the supermarket back home. I didn’t realise that big old stalk thing was so tough. So I went to break off the stalk only to have the entire tree bend over. It’s looking a little broken and sad. Maybe it will renew/repair/regenerate itself? Had a nice banana for dessert anyway.