Monday, 30 August 2004

Sweeping Fever

I am struggling with Life of Pi. Did Martel win the Booker just because of the sheer number of words he was able to write about sitting in a boat? I have to admit I find it a bit tedious, not to mention gruesome. But I am one of those daft people who must finish a book once I’ve started it, unless it’s really awful. I had the whole day stretching out before me yesterday, and no desire to read. I became very bored. I must have been close to madness as well, because I decided in true African Styleie to sweep the garden. I swept all the leaves away from the long drop and the bath-house – paranoid about snakes. It’s amazing how meditative and compulsive something like sweeping can become. Or is that just me? I also had one of those ‘Doh!’ moments. I asked myself ‘Why am I bending almost double in an awkward manner under the lemon tree in order to enter the bath-house? Why not just prune the tree?’ Doh! So I hacked away at the lemon tree, it looks great. Also harvested about 20 lemons and made brilliant lemonade. And realised that there is a host of exciting things happening soon to look forward to:
1.My sister-in-law has sent me a package of gluten-free mixes for bread and cakes.
2.A friend of The Husband has sent us a mystery present parcel. (He will be killed if it is anything to do with Fantasy Football or Formula 1 Racing).
3.The project is having visitors next week from the UK; they have been instructed to bring proper chocolate.
4.Our shipping should arrive soon. More books, yay!
5.Next Saturday is the once-a-month trip to Ndola to stock up on groceries. GOOD.