Monday, 23 August 2004

Silence is Golden

Our break at a game lodge was great. Helped by the fact that the Land Rover held it together this time and didn’t break down. The novelty of being somewhere with a (well-stocked) bar was too much, and we proceeded to drink pretty much one of everything they had. And we ate. All that food, yummy.

I don’t know what kind of birds they have there, but Sunday’s dawn chorus was the most incredible thing I’ve ever heard. There must have been over a hundred birds all singing different songs, it was great. Certainly better than the Westlife CD in the bar (they are taking over Zambia!), and miles better than the group singing hymns REALLY LOUDLY behind our chalet.

So on Sunday we had the options of fishing, taking a canoe out, swimming in the pool, playing volleyball, going on a game drive, birdwatching. We just about managed a brief game drive. We went to look for the two giraffes they’re supposed to have, but couldn’t find them anywhere. Perhaps they’re related to the blind men.

After a large breakfast we decided that actually the only viable option was to lie in the sun.  Although it took a few attempts to find just the right spot by the lake to read in peace. We had been sitting in the first place for about ten minutes when a large (in every sense)  South African family decided that they would like to sit right next to us and talk in REALLY LOUD VOICES. We did that thing of enduring it for about half an hour, not wanting to be forced to move, hoping they would go. They did, finally.

We had another ten minutes of peace which was rudely interrupted by a gang of teenagers in tracksuits swearing in REALLY LOUD VOICES. Enough, it was beginning to feel like Croydon. We moved. Then we were plagued by a group of tourists using their mobile phones REALLY LOUDLY.

Are none of these people familiar with peace, serenity and back to nature? We went right to the end of the lawns where the only other interruptions were from little monkeys throwing us some fruit. Bliss.

Can you see the giraffes?