Saturday, 21 August 2004

Mousetry 101

I get up this morning to more animal madness. Another mouse has snatched the food from the trap without being caught. He is running victory laps in the rafters. I go to the sink to wash my hands. There is poo in there. It looks like mouse poo but smaller. THEN I notice the bat in the corner of the sink flapping and squeaking. Gross. I make The Husband get rid of it.

Dr DoLittle
The Husband has kindly given me the nasty cold he has been carrying. There is nothing in our medical bag to deal with it. (It was The Husband’s job to pack it.) We have the whole kit and kaboodle to perform open heart surgery, but there is no Lemsip, cough medicine or throat lozenges. Grrr. I miss Boots. I take out my Advantage Card and think about how some day I will be reunited with my favourite store. We may not have a pharmacy but we do have fresh organic lemons from the trees, some ginger and honey, so together with some Rooibos tea I concoct a kind of potion to fight the cold. The Husband hates Rooibos tea almost as much as he hates fried egg and jam. How can you hate something that is practically flavourless?

Holiday Hurrah!
We are going away for the weekend. More on Monday.